Public spending and finance

We conduct ongoing analysis of the outturns of, and outlook for, the public finances. Our work in this area assesses the records of successive governments, and looks at forecasts for government revenues and spending (overall and in specific areas), with the aim of informing the public debate.

We conduct timely analysis of issues related to:

We also produce monthly bulletins analysing the latest public finance numbers.

Our website provides data and useful background information on historic trends and recent issues relating to:

Public sector pay: still time for restraint?

| Briefing Note

The government is considering easing the current restraint on the pay of public sector workers. It had previously announced in 2015 that public sector pay scales would only increase by an average of 1% per year up to and including 2019–20. This briefing note describes the trade-offs faced by the government when deciding how to set public sector pay.

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How much would it really cost to write off student debt?

| Observations

In this observation IFS researchers analyse how much it would really cost to write-off student debt.

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The local vantage: how views of local government finance vary across councils

| Report

This report, jointly written by researchers at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) and PwC, looks at how the views of councils’ decision-makers relate to the characteristics of the councils they represent or work for.

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