Case Studies

At IFS, we recruit top-quality economists. We specialise in the economic analysis of public policy, bridging the gap between purely academic research and issues of practical policy design or evaluation. You will carry out in-depth economic research and communicate your findings to politicians, journalists, academics and others such as campaigning groups and professional organisations.

You will work closely with colleagues in a small team as well as with other teams across the Institute; your colleagues will include policy experts and leading academics from the UK and overseas. We will support you in developing your skills, through further study, ad hoc training and by giving you opportunities to get involved with all aspects of research and communication right from the start

Alison Andrew

Research Economist, Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies

Alison joined the IFS in 2013.

Jack Britton

Research Economist, Education research programme

Jack joined the IFS in 2013.

Andrew Hood

Research Economist, Direct Tax and Welfare research programme

Andy joined the IFS in 2012.

George Stoye

Research Economist, Pensions and Public Finances

George joined IFS in 2011.

Ellen Greaves

Research Economists, Skills research programme

Ellen joined IFS in 2009 after working for two years at CMPO in Bristol.

Martin O'Connell

Senior Research Economist, Productivity and Innovation Programme

Martin joined IFS in 2008.

Cormac O'Dea

Senior Research Economist, Consumption and Saving Research Programme

Cormac joined IFS in 2007.

David Phillips

Senior Research Economist, Direct Tax and Welfare Research Programme

David joined IFS in 2007.