Workshop on The Regression Discontinuity Design: Methodological Issues and Applications in Economics, Statistics and Epidemiology

| 09:00 - 17:00
Organisers: Marcos Vera-Hernandez University College London , Gianluca Baio UCL , Federico Ricciardi UCL
Location: Institute for Fiscal Studies -

7 Ridgmount Street




This workshop aims at discussing recent methodological issues and applications of the regression discontinuity design (RDD). The RDD is an econometric quasi-experimental design aimed at estimating the causal effects of a treatment by exploiting naturally occurring or externally imposed treatment rules. 

In this workshop, we aim at mixing and cross-fertilise the perspectives of Economists, Statisticians and Epidemiologists. The workshop will consist of three sessions. Three speakers are broadly coming from an Economics background, while three are broadly coming from a statistical one. 

The workshop is jointly organised by the UCL Department of Statistical Science and CEMMAP.

To register, please visit the UCL event webpage.