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The Institute publishes a series of 'Observations', which use our research to explain the facts behind topical policy debates. IFS staff also publish articles in a variety of national newspapers, blogs and specialist magazines to help inform the public debate.

For reports and academic publications, see our publications page.

Our press releases and public finance bulletins can be found on our News page.

Latest Observations

Over 50 countries and localities, including the UK, have recently introduced taxes on soft drinks. In new IFS research funded by the National Institute of Health Research under the Department for Health’s Obesity Policy Research Unit, we survey the evidence on the effects of soft drink taxes on ...
This coming Sunday is Pensions Awareness Day – an initiative to raise awareness of retirement planning.
In a new working paper we use new data to reconfirm the distinction between age and death costs, and importantly to highlight differences in average end of life costs between individuals with different characteristics.

Recent newspaper articles

Newspaper article
Setting supposedly binding fiscal rules, missing them, abandoning them and replacing them with something new has become something of a habit.
Newspaper article
In the long term the only sustainable response to a smaller economy is to spend less on public services or tax more to support them.
Newspaper article
BBC News website article on the minimum wage