About CPP

CPP is led by a team of six researchers, each with an outstanding academic record in their own right, supplemented by wide ranging policy experience. They are supported by the larger team of senior researchers at IFS and by an Advisory Committee, which provides intellectual oversight. The Centre attracts and retains talented researchers by providing high-quality training and a stimulating working environment and by maintaining an impressive global network of researchers.

Advisory Committee

  • Charles Bean, LSE (formerly Bank of England)
  • Olympia Bover, Bank of Spain
  • Pierre Dubois, Toulouse School of Economics
  • John Ermisch, University of Oxford
  • John Hills, LSE
  • Hilary Hoynes (Chair), Berkeley
  • Thierry Magnac, University of Toulouse
  • Will Morris, GE
  • Dave Ramsden, HM Treasury
  • Sharon White, Ofcom

ESRC funding for the centre at IFS covers a wide range of the Institute's work; for more information see the research areas we work on at IFS.